The Cost of Fabric Buildings and Why? What has the greatest lifespan?

A fabric building’s strength and durability comes down to its materials, proper installation, and proper maintenance, as well as mild vs harsh weather environments. 

The steel frame should last 20+ years, while the covers vary based upon the fabric. For a longer lifespan the PVC Fabric is the more suitable choice.

Key factors in price comparisons?

The 3 factors to consider when comparing prices for fabric buildings are:

  • The type and thickness of the fabric.
  • Distance between the arch frames
  • Whether it is a single pipe or dual truss style frame.

Different levels of fabric & their lifespan

Here’s an estimated lifespan of the fabric before it starts to wear and may need replaced:

  • 10.5/11 oz. PE:  3-5 years
  • 15 oz PVC:   6-8 years
  • 20/21 oz PVC: 7-10 years
  • 30/32 oz PVC: 10-15 years

Fabric Buildings Comparison: Single Pipe vs. Dual Truss

In the images below you can see the “hoop barn” model (single pipe) in the top image and the dual truss model on the bottom image. The single pipe models often have a rounded look, while the dual truss model has straight side walls leading up into a peak.

The single pipe model’s framework sounds just like it’s called, single piped. On the other hand, the dual truss model has 2 pipes with webbing in between.

fabric buildings : single pipe hoop barn vs. dual truss building
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