Covermore Shelters tension fabric buildings and shelters

Covermore: 10+ Fabric Building Storage Solution Examples!

By darren | May 2, 2024

Check out the Covermore Shelters YouTube page below to see why you need a tension fabric building or shelter! Covermore Shelters offers a wide variety of tension fabric buildings and…

dual bathroom, fabric buildings, lifts

1 Bonus of Having a Dual Bathroom Unit!

By darren | April 18, 2024

There are many reasons to get a Dual bathroom, but this is one of them! Sometimes people just clean a little differently We also have Shower units and single units…

Tulsa Farm Show Winner

Tulsa Farm Show 2023 Container Shelter $1,000 off Prize Winner!

By darren | March 7, 2024

Covermore Shelters: Tulsa Farm Show 2023 Giveaway! During our last Tulsa Farm Show appearance in December, we had a drawing giveaway for $1,000 off a purchase AND a $500 Lowe’s…

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The Cost of Fabric Buildings and Why? What has the greatest lifespan?

By darren | February 29, 2024

A fabric building’s strength and durability comes down to its materials, proper installation, and proper maintenance, as well as mild vs harsh weather environments.  The steel frame should last 20+…

Tension Fabric Buildings

Tension Fabric Buildings: The Top 5 Fascinating Benefits!

By darren | February 21, 2024

What are tension fabric buildings? Tension fabric buildings consist of durable fabric which is stretched across steel ribs. The fabric has tensile strength, which causes the building to be stable…


Covermore’s new moo-nificent team member & #1 Fan!

By darren | February 13, 2024

What better way to roll in the new year than with Covermore’s new moo-nificent team member! Meet Tulip! Work attributes: boosts morale and moos her stamp of approval on all…

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Tension Fabric Building 30×65: Awesome Customer Testimony and Custom Install!

By darren | February 5, 2024

Customer Testimony and Custom Install! “I have had this 30×65 cover installed just about 1 year. It has handled 65+mph winds this winter without a problem. It took two tractors…

Tension Fabric Buildings

PE vs PVC Fabric: which is better? Tension Fabric Buildings #1 guide to the best fabric.

By darren | February 1, 2024

PE Vs PVC Fabric Buildings: which is better? Both (PE) polyethylene and PVC are waterproof, but PVC is more so. Additionally, PVC is much more fire-resistant than polyethylene because the chlorine atoms it releases during a fire inhibit the…

30x60 Dual Truss Tension Fabric Building

Dual Truss 30×60 Tension Fabric Building Impressive Customer Testimony!

By darren | January 10, 2024

Customer Feature- 30×60 Dual Truss – Raphine, VA “We ended up splitting it in half and keeping sheep in back and feed, hay and equipment storage up front!” To see…

Shipping Container Shelter installation onto 2 strong concrete walls!

By darren | November 22, 2023

Images from Oklahoma- Ottawa County, District 2 – using a shipping container shelter for dry storage. This model is our 21 oz PVC, 26x40x10 shipping container mounted shelter. Check out…