Tension Fabric Buildings: The Top 5 Fascinating Benefits!

What are tension fabric buildings?

Tension fabric buildings consist of durable fabric which is stretched across steel ribs. The fabric has tensile strength, which causes the building to be stable and durable. 

Galvanized steel is the optimal framing material for fabric structures. The frame is enclosed by a tension fabric material made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), or polyethylene (PE).

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Covermore 30x85 tension fabric buildings
Covermore 30×85 Tension Fabric Building

What are the top 5 benefits of a tension fabric building / shelter?

Cost Efficient:

When constructing a building/shelter, various costs can quickly add up. The traditional steel buildings, especially for permanent facilities, require a high initial investment for materials along with additional time for installing. However, tension fabric structures offer a cost-effective and time saving alternative.

The materials used for tension fabric buildings are typically less expensive, allowing for potential savings compared to traditional construction methods. The Covermore fabric buildings/shelters have an all-white cover which allows natural lighting to come through the fabric saving energy from other lighting sources that would be needed in a metal structured building. So, if you’re wanting a more economical method without sacrificing quality, a tension fabric building/shelter may be the way to go.

Low Maintenance:

Fabric buildings can be cleaned using a soft sponge without hard edges, water, and a mild dish soap. Harsh chemicals, astringent, or corrosive substances should not be used in cleaning your building and can damage the fabric material of your fabric building.

The tension should be checked every few months to ensure there is no “sagging” of material in between the arches. In the event of buildup, snow can be easily removed by tapping on the building’s ceiling from the inside. With proper maintenance, your tension fabric building, or shelter will see a longer life span.

Quick and Efficient Assembly:

Fabric roof systems can be installed within days. That is a fraction of the time when compared to the time it takes a steel or metal roof to be installed. That speed of installation saves on operating delays, labor costs, and overall project timelines. Because these buildings/ shelters take such little time to install and can be disassembled (although we do not suggest relocating the structure several times), they are very beneficial for job sites needed for shorter periods of time.

Tax Benefits:

If the building is purchased, the potential write-off per year is significantly higher when compared to conventional steel buildings. Because the building is able to be relocated, it can be leased with lease payments being fully written off. The entire upfront cost is tax deductible, no need to depreciate over 30
years like most buildings. Additionally, your concrete or base material, as well as installation expenses are also deductible.

In addition, depending upon your jurisdiction, the portability of the structure and the modular nature of the construction may preclude the structure itself from causing an increase in your real estate tax assessment.  Of course, this varies greatly from one state or municipality.  Your accountant will be your best source of information as to which of these benefits will work for you.

Usage Flexibility:

Tension fabric buildings are ideal for keeping your personnel, equipment, supplies and various other items out of the weather. They are clear span, meaning your usable storage space area will be unobstructed from poles, beams, etc. that are often required for other types of buildings.

Various uses include:  vehicle garage, equipment and machinery storage, sports & recreation, aviation, environmental, government, hospitality & conventions, manufacturing, jobsite warehouse, mineral storage, mining, oil & gas, ports, and warehousing & storage. Visit our customer gallery page to see what our customers have used their tension fabric building for.

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